Established in 2012, our business designs and handcrafts exclusive furniture at our workshop in Stapylton, Northern Gold Coast.

We make Hall Tables, Consoles, Buffets, Sideboards and Dining Tables. 

Our style is a cross between Rustic Hamptons, Industrial and Beach House.

 All Savoy Truffle Furniture timber is new.  We do not use reclaimed/recycled wood in our own furniture for its potential health hazards e.g. insecticides, old paint, mould etc.

Our furniture ranges are built using sustainable timber and are handmade and fully assembled at our workshop in Stapylton (exit 38, M1).

We offer a local delivery service at additional cost and can freight nationwide.

Savoy Truffle Furniture is the brainchild behind UK born owner, Joanna Beckton.  After graduating Uni in London with a BA Hons, Joanna worked as a designer for the worlds largest greeting card manufacturer and as a hobby, sold revamped vintage furniture pieces purchased from the huge salvage yards in Oxfordshire, UK. 

Later, working at Lord Dashwood's West Wycombe Park Estate in Buckinghamshire, Joanna's work environment became a world of flamboyant interiors, elaborately painted ceilings and Greek style gardens.  Luckily though, she'd have a daily reality check by walking through the muddy country estate in gum boots and driving old Land Rovers through ditches "to get around".

Moving to Australia and having children, Joanna focused on her love of design, thus leading back to her creative roots and the beginning of Savoy Truffle in 2012.

Joanna has merged her love of European architecture and countryside with her joy of experiencing Australia, its stunning beaches and hardy nature, thus creating the inspiration behind Savoy Truffle.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them.

Joanna Beckton, Owner, Mum, Furniture and (used to be a) Travel Lover!