Colour Options

Savoy Truffle only uses top quality water based stains for its furniture.  The colour stains that we use reflect the look and feel of the furniture.

We are pleased to offer a variety of colour options and also combinations of the colours.  

The photos below are a good comparison to how the colours will look in daylight.  Please remember that each piece of timber is unique!

It's not reliable to try to match an existing colour that you already have in your home with another stain colour - it never works as timber can be different/age of timber/stains used by another manufacturer, country of origin of manufacture or timber etc

HINT:  So try to blend with an existing tone that you already have or look for a complementary tone in one of our wood stains.

So your expectations match ours, don't forget to see our "What is Rustic" section:

We use the same quality, heavy duty grade type of Pine from the same supplier for all of our products.  

Our colour stains, left to right:

Double Limed White, Hickory, Rustic Grey, Jarrah, Walnut, Coco Black.  Maple had a holiday when we made this colour board, so for Maple please see below...!

1. Rustic Grey - a clean, contemporary grey/brown colour.  Neutral. Modern.

2.  Double Limed White Wash - a bright, dense, clean, airy white.  Beachy, modern.

3.  Walnut - a warm brown/dull reddish stain which shows the contrast in the grain beautifully.

4. Coco Black - a very stylish clean brown black tone. Smart and contemporary. A very elegant colour especially when coupled with Double Limed White.

5. Jarrah - more red/mahogany tones than brown and a very strong colour.  Bold and intense.


6. Maple - a yellow/brown, very autumnal and classic. Maple syrup, right? 

7. Hickory - a more natural timber colour with a touch of smokiness.  Clean and smart.